As a health care navigator and community health worker, Jackie understands firsthand how affordability plays a major role in accessing healthcare. Families should not have to decide between a meal on their table or seeing a healthcare provider. Jackie will fight for Oregonians to have healthcare that is affordable and accessible and that does not require us to go into debt or to drive an entire day to seek health services.


As a mother with children in the K-12 public school system, Jackie is concerned about the quality of education our children receive. Jackie will fight for more funding for our underfunded schools. She is committed to exploring affordable daycare and preschool options and expand family medical leave that enable working families to work and provide a living and working wage that is fair to childcare providers. She will advocate for diverse high school exploration programs to ensure graduating high school seniors have a well-rounded education and to ensure community colleges and universities are accessible and affordable to anyone to pursue a college education.

Housing and Homelessness

Jackie believes everyone deserves to have a safe place to call home. She knows that our community is struggling to make rent and mortgage payments. Jackie believes that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. She is a fierce advocate for our unsheltered communities and believes that evidence based programs must be implemented. As a community leader, Jackie has advocated for resources for the hardest hit communities in Oregon. In Salem, she will continue to fight for emergency relief to keep people in their homes, resources and medical care for people experiencing homelessness, and investment in programs to address the rising costs of rent and exploring opportunities for all Oregonians to become first time homebuyers.

Food Insecurity

As a former single mother, Jackie experienced the pain of not having enough food for her family – there were some days she did not eat to ensure her child had access to quality and nutritious food. Jackie is a staunch advocate to ensure that our families have food – from the meal programs through the public schools, to food pantries, food donations, and other ways to ensure Oregon families do not experience hunger. As a member of the Oregon Hunger Task Force, Jackie has fought for Oregonians to have food – from our hardworking families, to college students, and seniors and retirees. No one should go to bed hungry.

Public Health

Jackie has an educational and work background in public health. She is a staunch advocate for evidence-based programs that keep our communities safe. It is time to invest in programs that have been shown to be successful – such as the use of community health workers to link community members to much needed health information and services. Policies must be evaluated and created with a trauma informed lens. As Representative, Jackie will advocate for continued improvements to the public health system to ensure we are prepared for epidemics such as the water crisis and covid19. As a public health advocate, it is important we rely on sound and evidence based science about the importance of vaccinations. Vaccinations are important to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as whooping cough and measles.